Pages From the Black Book

In my black book I have all the information that I need to represent how my persona lived. I start out with clothing, for in dressing well she would have shown that she cared for her person, and the care of her appearance. Then follows Poetry and gaming and entertaining your guests because even ladies should know how to be party animals..Then making toys for children because a bored child is not a joy to behold. The book goes on to the Liturgical aspect of my persona, her daily prayers, the hours, the sins that were attributed to her sex and the virtues. I have put her family in the book as well. Mother’s line, fathers line where she came from and some history, it is only mete that I do so as it is part of what having a persona is about. As I love anything Scribal I have put in some of the Scribal history of her time period as well, the hand that would have been used, some ink recipes.

Then we get to almost the best part. The Food, oh yes the food! Wales was not just about the lamb and mutton people! oh no…and I have found recipes from all over the internet that I have tried and enjoyed, much to my room mates disenchantment, although she has enjoyed a few of them. There are a few feasts from the Menagier de Paris that I will one day like to re create but, on the whole I think that the foods of Medieval Wales are near and dear to my heart being of welsh descent myself.

Then finally my herbal lore. Recipes for everything from Bruise juice to eyewash. I will be posting it all here; page by page picture by picture..

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