Working on it…Really I am.


I know that this is just too slow for most people, but I really am working on it…getting it all written down and cut and pasted to the right proportions and such…it takes time…Especially since real life gets in the way…Ain’t it just the way of things? I am however working on the files and getting it all put just so…and it will be here soon..Really.

All New Art

OHHH Boy, This is fun! I just finished cropping and pasting a lot of my duc de berry art so that when you click on any post you get a new random header! each one is a different picture out of the Duc De Berry Hours…Have fun clicking!

Adding a new Category to my site

Hey! I just had a thought…My black book has my favorite recipes and such…so I am going to start posting all of it here on my blog spot at well. There will be pictures of my persona’s garb etc all of it from the black book..Stay tuned !

All Gussied Up!

I got the site all gussied up! Huzzah! I doubled up on my pretty pictures from The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry because its got so much of my favorite blue in it..that man really had money to spend when it came to ordering expensive things!

The Book itself is a generalized calendar (not specific to any year) of church feasts and saints’ days, often illuminated, is a usual part of a book of hours, but the illustrations of the months in the Très Riches Heures are exceptional and innovative in their scope, and the best known element of the decoration of the manuscript. Most of them show one of the duke’s castles in the background, and are filled with details of the delights and labors of the months, from the Duke’s court to his peasants, a counterpart to the prayers of the hours.  And Oh Lord if you have not seen any pictures of this beautiful book you should google it..just gorgeous!

Mevanou’s New Spot to Spout!


A great person told me about this place and I am putting my words here so that people can look at the wonderful things I am doing for the Society for Creative Anachronism’s A&S 50 Challenge! Since I am doing the Breadth Challenge I thought a good place to put all of the things I know about my persona would be a good idea. This is where I am going to put it! I will start posting all of my Articles and pictures of the things that I made as well as the research into what my persona would know in her life in the 14th century in Wales. As I progress in this Please have patience with me, I have never blogged at a real blogspace before! This should be a real adventure!

Ooooooh Pretty Colors!


First thing on my list for the Challenge…Get name and device Registered…CHECK!