Pilgrimage to a New Land

Down from the rocky hills and dales, through forests unending my caravan has traveled. Across deserts and over mountains of stone have we come. Down to a small place near an oasis that thrives along a river defended with warriors seasoned, populated with artists and scribes. Bards and Barons tell tales of the valor of the warriors, the strength of the Archers arms, and beauty of the Arts. The sciences are as mystical as the Alchemists that practice their magic, and the Brewers make a drink stronger than that of the Irish and their waters of life. This pilgrimage to the south should be profitable even as it has proven an exciting move. The profit being knowledge.

from the Diary of Mevanou verch Reys Yriskynit  AS43

“That’s Not Period!”

We have all heard the tales, the horror stories if you will; someone has made the effort in attempting an outfit for their persona, only to have it dressed down by an Authenticity Maven, or “Garb Nazi”. The fabric is wrong, the colors are right out of a fantasy novel and should never have been put to fabric, and the embroidery stitches are not period until…  ?What??

What do you do? Well for one, I say thank you for your input, write down the information, and get their names Mundane and SCA. Why? So I can thank them later for their help. Yes, their help…Though misguided and opinionated they were only trying to help in their own way. So with their information you can then go and do some research, look for proof and documentation that those colors were period, and so were the embroidery stitches, etc…

Secondly, don’t take it personally, they just cannot seem to help themselves and arguing with them would just make a scene.

If your outfit is as beautiful as you want it to be, WEAR it! With pride! Even if you got that outfit from Gold Key (the SCA clothing rental stall) They should have never cornered you and proselytized their historical garb beliefs. I have a few outfits that sets off the entire Maven’s Guard… and wear them with pride and a huge smile when they start circling, raucous cries of “that’s not period” sounding in the distance like harpies of old.

When did it become the norm to need to document our garb for going to a feast? For myself, I document for myself. But Do we document our garb from the skin out for others in that mystical “just in case” we are brought to the attention to the authenticity mavens? Or just for our own selves and our mental well being that we are indeed making more than the “attempt” and wow doesn’t it feel good?

Relocation! Revised!

We have moved to El Paso Texas!

No worries, I will still be blogging about different things my persona would know, and of course about my new Barony! The Citadel of the Southern Pass!

After three wonderful years in the Citadel of the Southern Pass and my adventures there, I have joined another caravan, and found my newest home in the Kingdom of Atlantia in the Barony of Tir-y-Don! I wonder what kind of Mischief I can get into here!