Late night spring cleaning

I know it’s not medieval, but remember that it’s officially spring here in the Pacific Northwest..Spring Cleaning has sprung up all over An Tir! If you have old garb and gear that you have no room for now is the time to gather it up and organize a garage sale/swap meet for such things! Make room for new and better things, or just donate to Gold Key! Your closet will thank you!

Mevanou’s Musings

There is a new name at the top of my blog…I figured that there are at least a thousand other blogs that have Medieval in the title…may as well make mine differ from them by a wee bit!

Modern Pilgrims (Hey! where’s yer site token?)



This post might sound strange, maybe blasphemous even. But every year many people of all walks of life come together across the known world to celebrate our unique sort of historical hysteria.


Yes, I am speaking of the S.C.A or Society for Creative Anachronism. These events can be looked at in a unique manner as well. A way to gather together new pilgrimage badges to sew to your pouches. Pilgrims badges?? No…those are site tokens they say…Yes, Pilgrims badges I say.


These tokens are not just the pilgrims way of showing they paid in full to attend the event, they are badges that show you took the time to travel far and wide to join in with other pilgrims to go to a particular event for a particular reason…That is all it takes to be a pilgrim. A pilgrimage need not be religious, nope.


Of course the definition is thus:

pilgrimage n

1. a journey to a shrine or other sacred place

2. a journey or long search made for exalted or sentimental reasons


(intr) to make a pilgrimage


So, Technically even though we are not on a religious journey to find a sacred place; we can surely say that we make a journey made for exalted (War) or sentimental (kingdom A&S) reasons. Therefore, we are pilgrims and we carry our badges with pride!