College Degree not Required

I asked a bunch of Laurels the other day;

Urban Myth or Real?
One has to have a college education to be taken seriously in the world of A&S? Laurels and the SCA?

The average concensus is that its a Myth! That’s right, a MYTH. The many Laurels I got a response from is that while a college degree would certainly be helpful in knowing how to write, edit and document a paper, most were Laureled in subjects totally unrelated to their degrees. Many were shocked to think that anyone could possibly think that not having a degree would make your work not academically acceptable. ┬áSo the next time someone says to you, that your paper would have been more acceptable if you had a degree to back it, are nothing more than Morons trying to make you feel less educated. Remember Our president Lincoln was self educated and look where he got to be.

Never stop learning, or writing! There is someone out there that will enjoy the information you bring to the table…and most of them never got past trade school.