First Attempt at Pyramid Etui

This last week, I decided to draft and embroider and sew together a pyramid etui, or sewing kit/box. I could not afford to purchase a kit or pattern with instructions so I pulled my maths out of mothballs and drafted a pattern for the sides and base. This creation is intended to be an ornament in the Williamsburg Rose and Thistle Chapter Ornament Exchange in December at our annual Holiday Luncheon. I want it to be pretty and it absolutely has to be hand made and Hand embroidered.

There were times that I was tempted to spend some money on the pattern, but the cost from many of the sellers of this pattern or kit was too expensive and I need to use my high school geometry before my brain looses it anyways.

Once I got the patterns drafted, designs drawn and ironed onto the sprigged muslin there was only the embroidery to get started on. As I finished each side I took a photo.

Each of the four sides has a critter or seasonal avatar. Spring is the Hedgehog under a budding tree. Summer is the Hive of bees with their golden skep. Fall is the Sleeping doe and Winter is the White Owl on its leafless branch. As you can see from the amount of pictures the Owl is my favorite. Not to say that the owl is more important, just that I did a pretty good job of embroidering it.

On mounting the work to the cardboard I will only say this. Next time I will remember to purchase several rolls of double sided tape. the Hot Glue was perfect when putting all the pieces together to form the box itself, but was really bulky when trying to attach the seam allowance to the back of the cardboard.

I used hot glue to attach the inner bits to the shell. I made a spot for scissors, a pincushion at the center and bar for needles out of industrial felt.

And finally done. I am quite sure that as I make more of these lovely little etui, that my skills will expand. I have ordered a book to help me with the finer points. Hopefully I will have a set of good photo’s taken of it before the ornament exchange in December.